Top 17 visa-free countries for Filipinos

Find out which country tops our list among visa-free countries for Filipinos.

Know that this list is largely based on the country’s history and culture, natural wonders, and archaeological finds.

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Do I need a Japan Rail Pass?

Heading to Japan and still don’t know whether you need a Japan Rail Pass or not? Here’s a comprehensive list of all the things you need to know about JR Pass!

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10 practical ways to travel

“You must be rich because you can travel a lot.”

That’s what frequent travelers always get from friends or even relatives. True enough, traveling could be expensive especially if you did not think of practical ways and take advantage of what could have helped you save money.

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How to dress up for your first winter trip

December is fast approaching and in some parts of the globe, it also means that winter is coming (no pun intended). But winter is not exactly something most people dread about in the real world, yeah?

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Top 9 tips to enjoy your next Japan trip

We had so much fun but the trip wouldn’t be much of an adventure if we didn’t encounter minor hiccups. But let not those hiccups accumulate, or you may find yourself in a situation when the word fun becomes “‘nuf!”

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