Losing oneself in a plateau

Like most stories, mine came with several drawbacks. It’s not that I expected the journey to be smooth sailing, no. It’s actually the opposite. What I’ve experienced is one that I never saw coming.

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Descended as a free diver to transcend my limits

Claiming that it’s an easy transition is a lie. The first time I tried to swim, without a life vest, was during the first time I took a free diving lesson. It was a three-tier program which includes traversing the rope down the 20-foot swimming pool with feet first, then head first, then the finale — attempting to dive. The first two steps were fine, the third tier of the program was a totally different discussion.

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A letter to all travelers: ‘Why do we travel?’

Dear fellow traveler, 

For weeks, I have been asking myself a question I thought I answered years ago. However, after carefully pondering about life and all the gifts and shit that come with it, I felt somehow lost. In the midst of confusion, I find myself asking the same question again: “Why do I travel?” 

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Mt. Pinatubo – Is it really a ‘Beautiful Disaster’?

Mt. Pinatubo, known by many today as the ‘Beautiful Disaster’ due to its breathtaking caldera (crater), made news globally when it erupted in June 1991. Although a lot of Filipinos and even volcanologists worldwide are aware of the cataclysmic phenomenon it caused in the 20th century, some may only know the tip of the iceberg — or in this case, volcano. Not everyone completely knows about the events that transpired before, during, and after the eruption. Such extraordinary and powerful display of force of nature deserves everyone’s respect and attention.

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I lost my drone but not my dreams

When I lost my drone, instantaneously my heart turned heavy. However, I realized that I still am holding onto something that has much more weight than my heavy emotions.  

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Why you must visit Hiroshima

When we go for a vacation, our expectations always revolve around having full of wonder and enjoyment, which most of the time is achievable. However, very few destinations could meet that expectation while at the same time wrench your heart with so much pain that will later intensify into a source of an even much more inspiration.

Hiroshima, the historical prefecture that has been through hell and back,  did just that.

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8 things about solo traveling no one told you

However attractive and exciting solo traveling may be, there are things that await anyone who would like to go on such an adventure, especially for the first time.

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How a colour blind sees the world

I am partially colour-blind since birth, and there are times that it’s difficult for me to identify specific hues and shades. My mom discovered it when I was still a child while helping her sort laundry by colour. Later on, we found out that my elder brother is also colour-blind, and such colour vision impairment could be hereditary.

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