Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tōkyō Tochō) Observation Deck

The seat of Tokyo’s government, also known as Tōkyō Tochō, is also a favourite go-to place of travelers since the building’s two towers, North and South, both have observatories allows tourists to see Tokyo’s grand skyline.

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Top 11 Japan prefectures you shouldn’t miss

If you’re planning to visit Japan, there are prefectures that you shouldn’t miss.  To make it easy for you, we ranked the top 11 prefectures of the land of the rising sun. Our basis for this ranking is each prefecture’s historical significance, iconic landmarks, number of activities that could be experienced, and our personal perspective.

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Best Places to Shop in Tokyo

Shopping is indeed one of the best things to do in Tokyo. Planning to break the bank while in Japan? This one’s for you.

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