Nagsasa Cove Travel Guide – Uncovering Zambales’ secluded treasure

From the beautiful disaster Mt. Pinatubo to the white-sand beaches with spectacular sunsets, which are the reasons why Zambales became a go-to place for beach and mountain adventures. Another reason why Zambales is a popular travel destination is due to its proximity to the country’s capital and likewise because it is studded with coves that are sure to give travelers a peaceful escape away from the metro. One of the must-see coves is Nagsasa Cove.

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Would you still come back to Boracay?

For decades, Boracay has remained as one of the Philippines’ pride and is almost always on the top list for beach/island destination. But a number of environmental issues have plagued the island in recent years.

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Minalungao National Park Travel Guide

When we arrived at the National Park, we were dumbfounded by its beauty. Only then did we realize that the National Park couldn’t be simply described in just a few words.

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