Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village will give you a glimpse of how Koreans lived in the past, and you can vividly imagine the Korean ancestors walking in Hanbok in its once busy street.

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The Seoul of South Korea

A bustling metropolis of South Korea and, in fact, the 16th largest in the globe. One that rose from a Kingdom that has enriched it with so many traditions and culture.  The home of world renown quality skin care brands, K-Pop, and gastronomical pleasures that are to die for. Indeed, Seoul may be thousands of…

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Vigan City Travel Guide – The Philippines’ historical wonder city

I have been in Vigan on four different occasions and true enough, I just can’t get enough of this City. I can probably say that this travel addiction is the same thing that people who visit Paris, Rome, and Spain get every time they are in said countries.

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