Descended as a free diver to transcend my limits

Claiming that it’s an easy transition is a lie. The first time I tried to swim, without a life vest, was during the first time I took a free diving lesson. It was a three-tier program which includes traversing the rope down the 20-foot swimming pool with feet first, then head first, then the finale — attempting to dive. The first two steps were fine, the third tier of the program was a totally different discussion.

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7 things a non-swimmer learned from Seazoned’s skin dive class

I grew up in Bataan, a province at the edge of mainland Luzon. Our house then was just a 10-minute walk (or so) away from the shoreline. Anytime we felt like hitting the sea during low tide, we could easily do so. Now you’d think that growing up near the coastline made me a good, if not great, swimmer. Sorry to disappoint, but I never learned how to swim.

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