Burias Island Travel Guide – Masbate’s pristine destination and pride

The Philippines is studded with beaches that have different characteristics and beauty. No wonder why the country has been a favourite summer destination not just for locals but also for foreign travelers. One of the summer destinations in the country that is starting to gain attention is Masbate’s Burias Island and its neighbouring islets.

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Why you must visit Hiroshima

When we go for a vacation, our expectations always revolve around having full of wonder and enjoyment, which most of the time is achievable. However, very few destinations could meet that expectation while at the same time wrench your heart with so much pain that will later intensify into a source of an even much more inspiration.

Hiroshima, the historical prefecture that has been through hell and back,  did just that.

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Top 17 visa-free countries for Filipinos

Find out which country tops our list among visa-free countries for Filipinos.

Know that this list is largely based on the country’s history and culture, natural wonders, and archaeological finds.

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How to apply for a Japan visa?

How much money should be in my account’s bank certificate? – For Japan, the ideal daily allowance per day is 6,000 JPY, approximately PhP 3,000. Multiply it by the number of days you’ll be in the country, then add your accommodation, airfare, and destination/theme park expenses — that should be the minimum amount available in your account.

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Seoul Travel Guide – Exploring the Soul of South Korea

Everything you need to know about Seoul! Including best seasons to visit, destinations and admission fees, where to shop, plus important tips and reminders!

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Do I need a Japan Rail Pass?

Heading to Japan and still don’t know whether you need a Japan Rail Pass or not? Here’s a comprehensive list of all the things you need to know about JR Pass!

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TrueLove Cafe at Neverland – Bangkok’s Doggo Haven

I saw a golden opportunity to feel like I have one for a day while I was in Thailand. There’s a place in Thailand where you could find your true love, in a form of a dog — the True Love Cafe at Neverland.

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Odaiba Travel Guide: Exploring Tokyo’s Artificial Island

When we were planning out our trip, Odaiba, keeps on popping up on our Google searches. Our curiosity piqued, and as we delved deeper and done more research, the man-made island turned itself into an optional destination to a must-visit. Check out this link for helpful information, itinerary, and expenses when you visit Odaiba.

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