Caramoan Peninsula National Park

Caramoan is a municipality located at the eastern part of Camarines Sur, a province in Bicol Region, Philippines. The small municipality may appear simple and humble but it boasts of one of Philippines’ greatest natural treasures: Caramoan Peninsula National Park.

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The Seoul of South Korea

A bustling metropolis and, in fact, the 16th largest in the globe. One that rose from a Kingdom that has enriched it with so many traditions and culture.  The home of world renown quality skin care brands, K-Pop, and gastronomical pleasures that are to die for. Indeed, Seoul may be thousands of years old like…

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Where Will You Take 2017?

A Dream A year ago, I dreamed about traveling not just in the Philippines, but the whole world. A huge feat, I thought. And yet, I still put it on the list of my ultimate dreams. 117 countries in total and, logistically speaking, it will take years for me to do it. I continued on…

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