N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower, also known as Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is situated atop the Namsan Mountain, standing proudly at 479.7 meters (1,573.8 feet) above sea level.

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Hulugan Falls: Expect, Explore, and Experience

It was one of the most unexpected trips I had this summer. Well, it is not like I hate unexpected adventures, but the circumstances happened in ways that we have never imagined. It was summer then, and of course, it was definitely the best time of the year for the most. Well, the heat of…

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Not Your Ordinary Villa

“WHAT?!” It was my initial reaction when I first learned how much I would have to spend in Villa Escudero for a day trip to the famous Waterfalls Restaurant. Well, you might be asking how much it actually cost, it costs Php 1,150 (roughly $25.00). Now, you might be thinking that I overreacted (which I actually did) since it may not really be that expensive for some.

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