Would you still come back to Boracay?

For decades, Boracay has remained as one of the Philippines’ pride and is almost always on the top list for beach/island destination. But a number of environmental issues have plagued the island in recent years.

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The Seoul of South Korea

A bustling metropolis and, in fact, the 16th largest in the globe. One that rose from a Kingdom that has enriched it with so many traditions and culture.  The home of world renown quality skin care brands, K-Pop, and gastronomical pleasures that are to die for. Indeed, Seoul may be thousands of years old like…

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My Love Affair with Zürich

My Zurich experience is indeed a love affair. First, I got lost in the moment, realizing and finding out later on what characters make it stand-out above the rest. The same characters inevitably made me fall in love with it and gave me a deeper perspective of its outstanding qualities. But like any other affairs, it wouldn’t be complete if you wouldn’t intimately spend a night or…

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