Our Manifesto: Harv is not your usual travel website

What we believe in as travelers

We live in this day and age when people believe that posting online and joining the bandwagon is the best way to express oneself and likewise to influence people. In Harv, we beg to differ.

We believe that traveling is all about, more than anything else, the total experience. We believe that traveling shouldn’t just be about how Instagram-worthy a place is, rather should be more about how a place or destination has widened your imagination and perspective, thus helped transform your life.

We believe that traveling is not about the number of places you’ve been to, but the number of lessons a travel experience has imparted to you. We also believe that traveling is not just about the number of social media likes and shares that one gets, but is also about the number of hearts one can reach and inspire, online and offline.

Lastly, we believe that traveling and writing about it must ultimately lead to educating, inspiring, and moving others to also chase their dreams and reach for the stars.


Behind the walls of Social Media

When we think of a travel blog, it automatically brings up positive thoughts about traveling. It speaks of the best destinations and life experiences. However, let us break this to you  — traveling is not just about the best experience there is.

Traveling, unlike how it is generally perceived by everyone, doesn’t always assure an easy-breezy path. There could be harsh realities that people may encounter when they do travel and also reasons behind why they want to explore despite and in spite of. The places one visits could also have dark past and mysteries behind their magnificent facade. It is the reality, and this we would like to share with you, too.


Choosing a DIFFERENT path

We could have chosen a much easier path to reach you, our audience — the new breed of travelers. However, we decided to choose a different path.

Such path does not just lead you to why you should visit a place, but also hopes to be able to guide you connect the not-so-distant past to present times in finding their relevance and one’s life purpose for the future.

Such path does not only want to showcase the glitz and glamour of traveling, but also endeavours to share thought-provoking and real-life experiences about one’s struggle to go beyond his/her comfort zone just so to chart new and different directions.

Such path aims to inform, inspire, and ultimately empower others who share the same passion such as ours, that is, to travel the world and conquer oneself.

Yes, our goal is not just to become a travel blog. Our dream is to touch the lives of as many by providing a platform not only for us to share our experiences but also to enable others to share their own adventures, with the ultimate purpose of inspiring the rest and fuelling the hearts of wanderers all over the world.

It may not be an easy goal, but it’s a goal worth pursuing and dreaming for. And we’d be honoured to share with you this journey as we reach for this goal and aspirations.


Get in touch with the Harv Team

If you’d love to share your experiences and/or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us. Send us a message or an email via contactus@harv.world.