I lost my drone but not my dreams

I can still vividly remember the first time I’ve seen the video, The Philippine Side created by Jérémie Tridard, which made me realise my dreams. He visited the Philippines and has wonderfully documented his experiences in our naturally-blessed archipelago using his drone and camera.

I was awe-inspired, and his video became the catalyst that fuelled my passion for traveling and likewise triggered my wanderlust. Aside from rekindling my will to travel, it also reignited my love for photography. But this time, it is that kind of photography that reaches greater heights, literally and figuratively. That’s when I decided right there and then: I must have a drone.

From dream to reality

As shallow as it may seem, I really dreamed of having a drone since then. I watched online reviews every night and shared this dream with my friends. Then came a day when my over the top excitement and countless nights watching reviews paid off.

Right in front of me was a quadcopter that’s helped me soar, not just as a photographer but also as a travel blogger.


Every time my drone flies, it captures a unique imagery that, in turn, allows me create videos showcasing each destination I’ve been to. With every video, I’d like to believe that somehow, someone would say: “I wanna go there!” And this became another dream: to inspire people explore this world, too.

Renewed perspective

I felt so much joy whenever I’d see the images I captured atop. Every time I’d fly my drone, I also feel weightless. I feel like I am the one soaring up into the skies, making me see a totally different perspective. It has further affirmed my belief that this world is indeed a ball full of wonders. It gave me another opportunity to share its treasures.


In turn, I’ve received kind words from people watching my videos, likewise expressing their admiration for the destinations’ beauty. The locals from the place featured in my travel videos also felt so much pride seeing their home in a different light. Some even shared the videos with their friends. Little did I know, I’ve slowly unlocked that dream to hearing people say: “I wanna go there, too!”


This year is no different. I’ve continued doing what I did in the past — to capture each destination’s treasure and share it with everyone as a source of inspiration and aspiration. However, something unfortunate happened.

I was flying my drone in Burias Island trying to capture its glory, but minutes later my controller started showing notifications. Weak Image Transmission, it indicated. In 5 seconds, I thought the signal would reconnect just like in the past. However, a few more seconds, I found myself sprinting towards the edge of the island, searching the sky, hoping I’d see a white dot hovering somewhere steadily.

I-lost-my-drone dreams
I saw nothing. While I stood there, I got nothing but my controller.
Crashed, several times

My drone crashed for the first time, and I never thought that that would be its last flight. But the truth is, it is not the first time I have experienced some crashing. I’ve experienced heart-wrenching crashes in life countless times.

I’d be lying if I’d tell you that everything, including our dreams and aspirations, could be achieved through an easy-breezy path.

There are times I’d want to forget everything and blindly move forward. There are moments I’d feel like I’ll never get to my goals, hovering with fear for another failure. And there are also sleepless nights due to some anxiety growing in the confines of my dark imagination. Worst of all, there are instances I’d lose the signal that’s supposed to guide me, causing weak transmission of my visions, in my life’s journey.

All of which led to finding myself crashing and ultimately falling down.

harv_caramoan_sunset dreams
A message to everyone: Do your best to follow your dreams

Like me, you may have crashed several times. You may have experienced difficult circumstances that made you feel like you’re hitting the rock bottom or getting lost in the sea, drowning in unwanted emotions as you chart your way to your dreams. However, what may seem like a never-ending struggle will eventually mold who you are as a human being. I’d like to believe that it is part of one’s pursuit: be it to conquer the world, to reach greater heights, or to feel simple joys and happiness. More importantly, I’d like to tell you that you are not alone.

When I lost my drone, instantaneously my heart turned heavy. I remembered the many instances that I crashed, all at the same time. However, after heavy sighs, I realized that I still am holding onto something that has much more weight and value than my heavy emotions — the controller. 

Drone Crash- dreams

It is the same controller that would help me manoeuvre myself towards my dreams, no matter how difficult the journey may be. Just the same, it reminded me not only of the good memories I’ve had with my drone, not only the hearts my videos have touched, but also of the fact that my dreams remain intact and over which I continue to have full control. I may have lost my drone, but that’s never left me incapable of navigating my own self to the path I’ve always dreamed I rightfully deserve.

In life, whenever you feel like crashing or even during those moments you actually did, always remember to grip tightly on your controller. Only you can have full control over your own life and dreams. At times, you’d feel a strong urge to quit. Resist that urge, take time to pause and recuperate, and then start moving forward again. Every step is definitely worth taking, and in due time, we’ll be able to again weightlessly soar up high and fly.