Would you still come back to Boracay?

We recently booked a trip to Boracay for two reasons — plane tickets on sale plus it’s been years already the last time we were there, way before the Laboracay was coined and too many algae appearing on its shores in certain months.

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

For decades, Boracay has remained as one of the Philippines’ pride and is almost always on the top list for beach/island destination. But a number of environmental issues have plagued the island in recent years. Being a traveler and also a nature-lover, we thought that Boracay has already changed a lot and has become quite too commercial already, losing its once famous natural beauty.

At some point, we even thought that this trip to Boracay would be our last.

Visited Boracay with Zero Expectations

Having been to the Island once somehow lessens your excitement especially when it is rumoured to no longer having the same beauty that you’ve witnessed before. This recent trip to Boracay is one where we had zero-expectations, and what we wanted was really to just have some good time away from Metro Manila.

A day before our trip, we packed our bags and our camera gear and did some last minute preparations for a brief island experience we know we deserve (from working our asses off). With no expectations at all, we were ready with whatever’s in store for us in our quick getaway.

Hungry But Speechless

We’re supposed to arrive early in the morning but our flight got delayed. We arrived at the airport almost past noon. Then, we went straight to Southwest Tours’ office to get our tickets for our transport to Caticlan’s Jetty Port where we would take a ferry going to the Island.

We finally arrived at our hotel at around 1:00 PM, very much starving since we didn’t buy meals in-flight and all too sweaty because of the scorching heat. Since check-in time is still at 2:00 PM, we decided to just store our bags at the hotel and headed to the beach for lunch.

Our hotel is just a five-minute walk to the shore. Upon seeing Boracay’s shoreline, we forgot, momentarily, our hunger and even the heat of the sun. We were left speechless, not because of malfunctioning and starving brain cells, but because of the magnificent view that we saw.

Stunned and Astonished

What we saw stunned us for a moment. The sand is white and pristine. The water’s aquamarine, calm, and inviting. We were wearing our sunglasses but still able to see clearly that the Island is still very much close to the Boracay we’ve seen years ago. It’s beautiful and breathtaking. It brought back the thrill and the excitement we never had prior to coming back to the Island.


We were astonished the moment we set foot on the white powdery sand of Boracay. And we realised we made a great decision to come back to the Island. And Boracay definitely didn’t disappoint, much more to somebody who has had no expectations to begin with.

Aside from the pristine beach, we were also able to enjoy other several activities. We went parasailing that gave us more thrill beyond any. Then we were calmed by paraw sailing and left in awe of our boatmen’s self-taught skills.


We indulged ourselves with body massage therapies (which we availed of daily, every single night before going to bed). And before we went back to Manila, the Island gifted us with a stunning glory, the world-famous Boracay sunset.


In the end, we truly enjoyed our brief stay on the Island despite it being a zero-expectations-trip.

Fortunate, thankful, and hopeful

Our trip to Boracay brought back so many good memories and has added tons of new ones that totally erased our apprehensions of coming back to the Island, again and again.



We were fortunate to have seen the Island during non-peak season, without too many algae, and with a smaller crowd. We are thankful that it added a lot of new experiences that we’d long cherish. And this recent trip made us feel more hopeful about the Island.


Truth is, tourism has its own pros and cons. It could help boost the economy of the place and further help its residents. And in this case, it also helps us, Filipinos, become even more proud of nature’s gift to us.

On the other hand, tourism, if left unchecked or mismanaged, could also damage the spot, disturb natural ecosystem, and pollute the environment.

The Boracay that we saw has renewed our hope that all tourists, business owners and developers, and tour operators would remain more mindful in preserving the natural state of the famous pristine Island. Because, for sure, we and so with other tourists will come and visit the Island again very soon!