I resigned from the company I work for, left the prestige of my job’s designation, removed myself from the crazy corporate world, then packed my bags and ticked-off one of the items on my bucket list: to travel alone.

I am not rich, I don’t have a lot of savings, and now I am unemployed, but I don’t regret anything.

No, I am not writing this because I want all of you to leave your jobs just to travel, nor to assume that this will be another cliché inspiring travel story. I am writing this because I plainly just want to share my learnings not just as a traveler, but as a human being.

Setting things straight

Before I start, I want to set things straight: I didn’t leave my job just because I want to travel. Personal priorities, that’s what I told my CEO when I tendered my resignation via email, on a Friday midnight, while drinking beer with my best buddies. A resignation that I carefully thought of for months and after a lot of considerations. Although my excuse seems quite too overused, let me tell you that it is apt and true.

My personal priorities, most of the time, outweigh whatever is in front of me, plainly because I know to myself that my priorities usually equate to the word goals. And like any other individual, I have goals I want to accomplish. That’s what pushed me to embark on a new journey.


I’m idealistic AF and it’s okay

If you’re still reading this, thank you. By now, you must have already figured out how idealistic I am and how I can be purely subjective and stubborn at times (or, most of the time). Some people who know me said that it’s my millennial side that’s influenced my decisions, others told me that I have to be more patient, a few are just speechless, but some more are supportive with wise words of caution and encouragement.

Hearing what my loved ones, family members, and friends’ reactions were, I know that what they were telling me are their versions of truth. And for me, hearing peoples’ concerns and thoughts may be quite difficult to accept at first, but I have come to learn to accept every bit, every word they’re able to successfully send across. It wasn’t easy, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Traveling shows you, literally, that perspective to simply be open to others, while not letting yourself lose sight of life’s ideals.

The lessons I learned

While traveling alone, I have come to learn a number of new lessons, to realise not just one of my dreams but also a lot of ideas that never crossed my thoughts before, and to appreciate both small and huge things in front of me. It’s dawned upon me that when you see so many good things in this world, they further strengthen your beliefs or even rectify what you thought wrongly.


I have affirmed the truth that life is too short to do things you aren’t passionate about. I also realised that there are times that you have to slow down, but that won’t mean you are being left behind.

There were moments when random (most of them deep) thoughts came to mind. Those moments gave me a rare opportunity to observe everything around me, from the country’s culture, the people’s way of living, surprising qualities a complete stranger has which feel close to home, and the list continues.

More than grateful

My most recent trip was truly one for the books, or in this case, blogs. Just thinking how I have survived and accomplished my solo trip is more than enough to give me chills and goosies.


As I look back, my experiences which included travel-anxiety-attacks on my first day, the amazement I felt in every spectacular experience in the country, the awesome individuals I met along the way, the random thoughts I have had while exploring their magnificent sceneries, and the countless times that I’ve been exposed to awe-inspiring adventures are now part of the idealistic-stubborn-human that I am.

All those times could’ve been different if I didn’t make a bold decision to do what I really love. To that, I am truly grateful, and I also am indebted to everyone who supports me dearly.

I may have unlocked one of my goals and in the process of unlocking it, I also realised one thing —  the world, our world, is just too big for one person to explore, understand, or even fathom. But it is never impossible. And such is a goal that is definitely worth pursuing. Always.

Posted by:Harvey Perello

A blogger, photographer, traveller and foodie.

34 replies on “I left my job and traveled alone

  1. I like this post. It shows how relatable our views are and it has questioned my goals going forward. I went on my first solo trip last April and it has changed my perspective on many things. That’s what travel does to you.

    Good luck on your journey and safe travels!


  2. Now tell me your secret. If you have no job and just travel, how do you pay for your plane tickets, food, transportation and accommodation?


    1. Hi, Zhardan. I don’t have any secrets.

      The trip I took after I left my job has been planned months before. I do not earn yet from traveling like most bloggers or influencers that are famous right now. Whenever I book my flight, I make sure to start saving money for that trip and have my own travel fund to support it.

      Although my next trips would be challenging since I don’t have a stable income and I need to cost-cut on my travel expenses to spread out my savings until I save enough money again. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! You see, I never thought I’d be able to do this either. It is not an easy decision and it has a lot of complications as well. Truth is, I never meant to encourage people to leave their jobs, but to find a balance between your job and and doing what you love instead. It just so happened that my past profession, a very busy and challenging work, somehow took me away from my priorities.

      Each of us has our own priorities and goals, you just have to find a good balance between your personal life and what supports your personal life (Ex. Work, etc). 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Exactly! I am in the same predicament as how you are before, wanting to just travel but can’t think of real means to fund it all through out. Though I do like my job, travelling to me is more than a fad. I saw your pictures and it made me crave for it more! (Aside from you being good looking, of course.) 🙂


  3. I love how you’re idealist af because it’s completely okay 🙂 Life is too short, I salute your courage to take life by the balls! Can’t wait to read up more on your adventured Harv! x


  4. Hi Harvey!

    I’ve been planning the same thing too.. i wanted to travel to thailand then cross border to cambodia.. i am worried with the immigration…i’ve read that they may ask for your occupation..what if i am unemployed? is that ok?
    Hope you can help me with this question. Thanks!



    1. Hi, Donna!

      I haven’t tried crossing borders from Thailand to its neighbouring countries due to budget and time constraints. However, if I am to give you an advise, then I highly suggest to not leave your job right away. 🙂

      But, if you really want to leave your job then you could try to tender your resignation and maybe your company would allow you to file a terminal leave. If that is not an option, then the best thing you can do is to be completely honest to the immigration officers that you’re on vacation and resting from work. It would be best to have supporting documents such as bank statements, proof of accommodation, round trip tickets, etc., In that way, you can assure them that your intention is really to travel. Nothing more, nothing less.

      I hope this helped somehow.




  5. Great Blog! I am truly inspired and it seems we have similarities 🤣 I also just resigned and traveled, I left a permanent position in the public school just to fulfill my desire to explore the world.


  6. ..i love this..just the exact thing i need to read today..its my last day on my job because i am pursuing the version of life i wanted to have..thank you..:)


  7. This sounds so familiar…because I did something similar myself early this year. 🙂 Ayun lang, i’m not a millennial so medyo nakakahiya maging ‘pariwara’ at my age. LOL! Best of luck to you and your future travels and adventures!


  8. I loved travel too.offcourse before you plan to resigned your work you have money to use to travel all your expenses. It took a months to save money for your travel budget. Goodluck and enjoy.


  9. How brave! I always wanted too but I don’t know where to start. Reading your article is one of my fav time killer.


  10. I love reading stories of people who were brave enough to do the things they are passionate about. I was also bitten by a travel bug and since then I kept planning for so many travels I want to do. Whether it be with family, friends and even solo adventure. Thank you for sharing this! Goodluck on your adventures coming and have safe travels!


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