How to dress up for your first winter trip

December is fast approaching and in some parts of the globe, it also means that winter is coming (no pun intended). But winter is not exactly something most people dread about in the real world, yeah? However, in general, winter is not always a positive experience for most people who live in areas that experience snow. But for people who live in tropical countries, experiencing their first winter can range from a trivial experience to a magical one.

Winter experiences were love-hate relationships for us, too. First, you feel ecstatic for seeing snowflakes gently fall from the sky. You take pictures, taste it (yep, done it), extend your hand to it, and do all sorts of things.

But a few minutes later comes the hate, when finally, you feel the chills of your first winter trip. And as much as you want to savor the snowful moment, you now need to find cover to keep yourself warm.

Really cuts short the fun right?

But you see, winter could be enjoyable if you could only shield yourself from too much cold.  Here are some of the tips we could share to make your winter a lot more enjoyable!


How to dress up for your first winter trip

1. Layering is key – Layering is when you wear layers of clothes as a form of insulation to protect you from the cold weather. Regardless how thick your outer garment is, it wouldn’t really matter that much if you don’t have enough layers of clothes inside.

Winter-Zurich - First Winter
I wore at least 4 – 5 layers of clothes per day when we visited Switzerland.

We highly recommend Uniqlo’s HEATTECH garments as the next layer to your underwear, then layer it with more clothes necessary before you wear your jacket. There’s no ideal number of layers. Each individual has his/her own tolerance for the cold weather so prepare as many layers as possible and adjust accordingly.

2. Wear heavy-duty footwear – Wearing boots with good and thick soles and materials is always the way to go. In most instances, since our feet are always in contact with the ground made of cement, metal, or dirt, it is, in fact, one of the body parts most exposed to the cold weather and walking on cold feet is not nice at all.

palladium-snow - First Winter
Palladium did a good job in saving my feet from the cold winter chill.

Some boots even have a lining of fleece that adds more comfort and warmth to your cold feet. Waterproof boots like the ones from Palladium is also perfect for snowy terrains.

3. Protect your hands – Like your feet, your hands also need warm tender loving care. Make sure you wear winter gloves to protect your hands from the harsh weather. Be careful in selecting gloves since not all of them could really withstand winter.

Based on reviews online, it is advised to select gloves made of leather with good lining. However, that could be costly depending on where you will buy them. If you’re on a tight budget, you can check Uniqlo’s HEATTECH gloves which also is smartphone friendly.

4. Go big on Scarves – Scarves are for both men and women and they add not just an extra touch of fashion but also comfort during cold weather. Most jackets do not cover the neck and nape area and wearing a nice, warm, and big scarf can definitely help in keeping yourself warm. It is especially effective in protecting yourself from the chilly winds, too!

zara-scarf - First Winter
Big scarves are in during winter!

Nice, thick, and cozy scarves are a bit difficult to find in the Philippines. As far as I know, Zara is the only store that sells good scarves for winter at around $40 each.

5. Wear your headgear proud – Jackets with hoodies aren’t a bad idea. But if you’re looking for more options, then wearing a winter headgear is also advisable. I personally prefer wearing earmuffs instead of a headgear that covers my entire head.

Other options include beanies made of a thick but soft material. You can also opt for a trapper hat, a hat that originated in Russia which does a pretty great job in covering your entire head, ears, and nape.

We hope that we were able to provide enough information to shield you from the cold weather. Aside from wearing the right winter clothes, make sure that you also have items that could help add moisture to your skin. Cold weather tends to make skin dry but nothing a moisturizing lotion and lip balm couldn’t fix.

If the snowfall is too strong or you still feel cold after countless layers of clothes, look for a warm place to rest, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and just let the snow fall. For us, that’s the best way to enjoy the first winter trip you have always dreamed of.