StyleCation in Cagbalete’s Premier Resort

We’ve been featuring Cagbalete Island giving it the exposure it so well deserves. Given its proximity to Metro Manila bundled with its clear blue waters and glorious sand bars, it is indeed an easy choice should you need a quick escape from the City’s busy lifestyle.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island


Planning trips can be overwhelming though since there’s a lot of things you would have to consider. In our experience, despite our familiarity of Cagbalete, our first two trips were still not an easy-breezy travel adventure. We had to queue for an hour or so to get a private boat and pay for the tourism and environmental fees. The resorts where we stayed in our first and second visits did not offer 24/7 electricity and if you want to have that kind of luxury, you will need to pay more. And the long list continues, all for the love of sun, beach, and island life.

This 2017, we decided to go to Cagbalete for the third time. No rule saying we can’t visit the same destination thrice, yeah? But unlike our first two trips to the island, this time we decided to do it in style.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island


Imagine an island vacation where almost everything is taken cared of, and all you have to do is relax and unwind. That’s exactly what we experienced in Aquazul Hotel and Resort of Cagbalete Island. A place that offers the sweet combination of resort and hotel amenities and access to the island’s best experiences.

Here’s why we enjoyed, even more, our third visit to Cagbalete Island:

1. No queues, no lines, no hassle

We arrived with the expectation that we’ll need to go to the usual routine of dropping by Mauban’s Tourism office to pay for Tourism and Environmental fees. To our surprise, Aquazul already took care of that and we need not worry about waiting in the queue anymore.

2. Boat? Or you mean BOAT

Our first day in Cagbalete isn’t as smooth sailing as we wanted it to be due to the unpredictable weather. It was raining hard and the waves were a bit high. Under normal circumstances, we would be worried to brave the sea to head to the island, or even decide not to push through and just wait it out.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
One of the resort’s boats. This boat is the “small” one. They have another boat that is bigger and has more seating capacity great for big groups.

But when we saw that what we’re not technically riding a boat but more of a ferry to head to the resort, we became more at ease and relaxed knowing that all will be fine. Aquazul owns two huge boats, spacious and safe vessels to bring their guests to and from the island.

3. Low battery? No worries!

The resort has 24/7 electricity, every room has adequate outlets to juice up all your smartphones, cameras, and even our drone is well-fed with power.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
Blogging, charging, and video editing, all thanks to Aquazul’s 24/7 electricity.

In other resorts, free electricity only runs from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM which means on those hours, everyone will be cramming to charge their devices. In Aquazul, we never had that problem since even their common areas do have ample amount of power outlets for our power needs anytime we need them.

4. Cozy, air-conditioned rooms

It was the first time, out of our three stays in Cagbalete, that we wanted to stay in our room rather than bask in the sun. We stayed in their fully air-conditioned villa which provided us comfort when we feel like sleeping to let the crazy afternoon heat pass.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
The resort’s villas.

Their navy-and-sea inspired room is so inviting and, not to mention, IG-worthy as well. It will make you wanna stay indoors for hours (if you wanted to).

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
Our room, before we dumped all our stuff and ruined their beautiful set-up.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to experience a convenient island life, you can stay at their Huts. Their huts are equally cozy, air-conditioned, and has ample power outlets too. Both their villas and huts have private restrooms.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
Their fully-airconditioned hut with two single beds.
Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
Their fully-airconditioned hut with one double bed.

5. Pool and Jacuzzi 

Cagbalete is known not only for its aquamarine waters but also for the extra long hours of low tide. In summer, the low tide starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM which means you’ll be left with nothing much to do.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
Jacuzzi in Cagbalete? Why not!
Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
Aquazul’s signature spade-shaped pool with the Marina Beach Bar at the background.
Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
Aquazul Resort and Hotel

Aquazul has it covered and you can chill under the sun in their huge pool and two Jacuzzis.

6. Island Tour

The resort took care of the quick island tour that made us enjoy our experience more. We went to Yang-in Sandbar where we experienced the island’s crystal clear water, saw the mangroves, and even swam with schools of fishes. Yang-in would be a good place to swim in the morning during high-tide. But if you want to experience and see the sand bar, you’d have to go there in the afternoon.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
Yang-in during high tide in the morning.
Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
School of baby fishes in the Mangrove Forest at Yang-in.
Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
The Yang-in Sandbar during low tide.

The tour will also bring you to a snorkelling site where you can see corals, sea urchins, starfishes, and other sea creatures.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island
Conquer your fear and jump into the water to see these corals.

7. Stunning view of the sunset

The Philippines boasts of so many islands where you can see the most stunning sunsets, and Cagbalete is one of those islands. Although the weather was inconsistent, we’re still fortunate to have witnessed the Cagbalete sunset again, this time, from the vantage point of Aquazul.

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island

Aquazul Resort and Hotel Cagbalete Island

Aquazul Resort & Hotel recently launched their zip-line, among others, and is slowly becoming the go-to place for corporate events and team-building activities, which gives you another reason to go to Cagbalete Island. They also have a Clubhouse that is great for events.

Indeed, our most recent trip really gave us the full circle of experience of what Cagbalete Island has to offer. A true hassle-free island experience with all the resort-hotel pleasures that Aquazul Resort & Hotel can offer at a reasonable price. If you need to get in touch with them you can visit their website

Here’s a video of our third time in Cagbalete.

‘Till we see you again, Cagbalete.

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