N Seoul Tower

Seoul is known for a lot of majestic and grand landmarks but looking at the items being sold in souvenir shops, there seems to be one landmark that stands out. From fridge magnets, snow globes, to postcards, it appears that N Seoul Tower is the city’s most prominent landmark.

N Seoul Tower

About N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower, also known as Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is situated atop the Namsan Mountain, standing proudly at 479.7 meters (1,573.8 feet) above sea level. It was originally just a communication and observation tower until it was opened for public back in 1980. Since then, the Tower has been a constant destination amongst tourists visiting the South Korean Capital — especially those who are looking for a romantic escape in the Soul City.

N Seoul Tower

“A Romantic Island Within the City”

Seoul is indeed a bright and busy city, but nothing beats seeing it from afar at the highest elevation point possible. This makes N Seoul Tower a perfect spot for romantic dates, offering a panoramic view of the city below which looks stunning both in day and night time.

N Seoul Tower View

Given its romantic vibe, the destination has become a spot for couples to lock their promises of love for each other. Or maybe even to those who are not in a relationship to wish for one. The fence at the viewing deck of the tower now has hundreds or maybe thousands of locks that symbolize the tourists and Seoulites’ undying affection and love.

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower

If you’re planning a marriage proposal, a sweet escape with your loved one, or maybe just a simple date, the Tower can be one of the best locations to be part of your shortlist. Who knows? You might just get the sweetest I love yous and Yeses in this romantic landmark.

Getting There and Admission Details

You can get to the Tower via cable car, bus, Seoul City Tour Bus, or by a private car. For details, see below:

1. Bus – You can ride the Namsan Shuttle Bus numbers 02, 03 and 05 to get to the tower. Bus trips run on 15 – 20 minute intervals and the terminals for each bus number mentioned are conveniently located near Chungmuro, Seoul, and Myeong-dong Stations, respectively. A ride would cost 1,200 won in cash or 1,100 won with transportation card.

2. Cable Car – Take the cable car located just 10 – 15 minutes away from Pacific Hotel after coming out of Exit 3 in Myeong-dong station (line 4). The ride will cost you 6,000 won for one-way and 8500 for return tickets for an adult. Your kiddos’ ride will be cheaper at 3500 won for one-way and 5500 for return tickets.

3. Seoul City Tour Bus – If N Seoul Tower is just one of your destinations, then it may be more practical to take the Seoul City Tour Bus. You’ll get to visit other destinations including the ancient Palaces.

As for the admission rates of the Tower, an adult will have to pay 10,000 won while children and elderly can enjoy the discounted rate of 8,000 won.

The Tower Offers More

Starting the year 2001, the tower has been accepting millions of tourists. Now the Tower has several restaurants and establishments that can cater to their tourists all year round.

If you’re looking for a nice restaurant to have a sit-down dinner, the Tower has n-Grill (French fine dining restaurant), The Place (a casual Italian restaurant), and Hancook (a Korean buffet restaurant). Not into the regular sit-down dinners? The Tower has got you covered with  American burgers at N Burger. You can also get tipsy and high on alcohol at 479 meters above sea level in N Terrace that serves trendy cocktails and snacks alongside great music.

For more information and also for reservations, you may visit their website: http://www.nseoultower.co.kr.