My Love Affair with Zurich

My Zurich experience is indeed a love affair.

First, I got lost in the moment, realizing and finding out later on what characters make it stand-out above the rest. The same characters inevitably made me fall in love with it and gave me a deeper perspective of its outstanding qualities. But like any other affairs, it wouldn’t be complete if you wouldn’t intimately spend a night or two with it.

Like how you spend a night with someone special, spending the night in Zurich provides a seal to that complete package of its overall beauty and uniqueness. You get to look at it in a totally different but equally endearing way. You can explore its every corner and linger in each sweet spot much longer than necessary. Lastly, you get to embrace all of its glory passionately, thus giving you the warmth you needed in a seemingly cold night. Spending the night in the City is nothing but full of breathtaking experiences, a stir of emotions, and sweet hours of intimacy.


Every time I visit a place, I do my best to stay there (whenever possible) until the evening. Each destination gives a different aura that you can only see at night and is most of the time more alive than what you see at daytime. With that being said, let me show you what the City feels like at night and why I described it as the highlight of my love affair with Zurich.

Zurich’s Plan Lumière 

The City’s Plan Lumière (Light Plan) is designed to help highlight its structures and landmarks at night. Such lighting technique gives the City a vibe worthy of one’s appreciation. Instead of using yellow-orange lights, Plan Lumière uses soft warm white lights that aesthetically complement the City landscape making it look visually more appealing and appear naturally lit at night. The lights are also dimmed just enough to light up the buildings and prevent light pollution (excessive and artificial lighting that is wasteful and also inefficiently using energy that can likewise be harmful to the environment).

Here are some of the landmarks that are well-lit and a must-see at night when you visit Zurich:

1. Zurich’s Police Building   

Zurich's Police Building  - Zurich

I regret not being able to enter said police station, not as a criminal of course, but as a tourist. The same police station houses Augusto Giacometti’s wall painting that made its entrance the most beautiful amongst all police stations in the world.

The City’s Plan Lumière (Light Plan) is designed to help highlight its structures and landmarks at night. Such lighting technique gives the City a vibe worthy of one’s appreciation.

2. Fraumünster

One of the churches I previously highlighted in my blog post Falling in Love with Zurich.

Fraumünster - Zurich

3. Grossmünster

Grossmünster - Zurich

The Grossmünter church looks more majestic than it already is during day time.


Another thing I love when taking photos at night is the way I can possibly play with the other lights surrounding my subject. It gives an added uniqueness and an eye-orgasmic element.

4. The Limmat River

The River is connected to Lake Zurich and is surrounded by the City’s famous landmarks. Walking along Limmat River at night gives you a scenic experience that will show you all the pleasure you can possibly imagine.

The Limmat River - Zurich

5. Zurich’s Alleys

Compared to the main streets, Zurich’s alleys are busier at night. It is mainly because most pubs and restaurants are located in their alleys, and are frequented by both tourists and locals.

Cabaret Voltaire - Zurich

I can’t get enough of it

It may have been quite a short night (and stay), and there’s a lot of other things that a tourist can do in Zurich. The scenic sweet spots, the intimate alleys, the beautiful landmarks, all of them combined makes me miss Zurich even more. It has all the perfect combination of cultural maturity combined with the openness the modern era offers. I don’t mind spending hours staring at its beauty, seeing everything including its flaws (if there’d be any) that adds up to its perfection. And as I stare and try to connect deeply with it, I completely got lost in the moment, and unknowingly fell in love with it. Indeed, I never thought that spending the night in Zurich is one of the best things that can possibly happen in my entire life.

It may have been quick, but definitely, it was a really sweet kind of love affair. It left me hanging and out of breath (in a good way) and there’s no way for sure that I will get enough of it. The City left me in awe and ignited the deep desire in me to experience more of it and continue with my so-called love affair.

This won’t definitely be the last. I look forward to seeing you again, Zurich.